Adds the intrinsic function “Fn::GetAZs” to a resource property


Add-FnGetAZs [[-Region] <Object>] [<CommonParameters>]


The intrinsic function Fn::GetAZs returns an array that lists Availability Zones for a specified region. Because customers have access to different Availability Zones, the intrinsic function Fn::GetAZs enables template authors to write templates that adapt to the calling user’s access. That way you don’t have to hard-code a full list of Availability Zones for a specified region.

** Important **
    For the EC2-Classic platform, the Fn::GetAZs function returns all Availability Zones for a region. For the EC2-VPC platform, the Fn::GetAZs function returns only Availability Zones that have a default subnet unless none of the Availability Zones has a default subnet; in that case, all Availability Zones are returned.
    Similarly to the response from the describe-availability-zones AWS CLI command, the order of the results from the Fn::GetAZs function is not guaranteed and can change when new Availability Zones are added.

IAM permissions

The permissions that you need in order to use the Fn::GetAZs function depend on the platform in which you're launching Amazon EC2 instances. For both platforms, you need permissions to the Amazon EC2 DescribeAvailabilityZones and DescribeAccountAttributes actions. For EC2-VPC, you also need permissions to the Amazon EC2 DescribeSubnets action.



The name of the region for which you want to get the Availability Zones.

You can use the AWS::Region pseudo parameter to specify the region in which the stack is created. Specifying an empty string is equivalent to specifying AWS::Region.

This is not required. If you would like to default this to the stack deployment region, simply exclude this parameter and call the function by itself.

Type: Object
Parameter Sets: (All)

Required: False
Position: 1
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: False
Accept wildcard characters: False


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You can use the Ref function in the Fn::GetAZs function.